Among my greatest loves is an irrepressible and lost case with writing.

Since I was a child, I have been creating stories and exceeding the number of lines allowed by my elementary school teachers. Every year, to be completely honest.

I have already participated in several reading and writing workshops and courses.

I have developed books, music, and poetry.

I have won awards for my poems.

And today, as an adult, I have also learned to write scripts for movies and series.

I didn't just learn. I'm still learning.

Because knowledge is never static and is constantly transforming.

And I believe in the power of good writing to clarify communication and highlight what needs to be communicated in a truly communicable way.

And that's harder than it seems.

That's why I've been working as a copywriter for some time now.
Trying to do my best to alleviate one of humanity's greatest ills:
The lack of communication.

Welcome to my notebooks!